jueves, 15 de octubre de 2015

ACM, Libreria Digital

ACM realiza muchas actividades, puede revisar en ACM brand:

"ACM carries out its mission through conferences, publications, educational programs, public awareness activities, and special interest groups. It sponsors over 170 conferences annually, for professionals working in computer graphics (SIGGRAPH); data communications (SIGCOMM); mobile computing (SIGMOBILE); knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD); software engineering (SIGSOFT); high performance computing (SC); human computer interaction (SIGCHI); object-oriented programming (SPLASH); computer and communications security (CCS), and approximately 25 other areas within the broader computer science community."

Ahora les comparto del sitio de ACM: publicaciones digitales   http://dl.acm.org/ que el 2015/10/15 presenta estas opciones

·         Browse the ACM Publications:
·      Journals/Transactions
·      Magazines
·      Proceedings
·      ACM Books
·         Browse the Special Interest Groups:
·         Browse the Conferences:
·      Conference Listing
·         Browse the Special Collections:
·      eBooks available to ACM Members
·      Classic Book Series
·      NSF Workshop Reports
·         Browse the Publications by Affiliated Organizations
"...is the definitive reference in computer science and technology..."
    Institutional Profile Pages Beta
ACM releases new feature giving snapshot of an Institution's contribution to the field.

Access critical reviews of computing literature.

Become a reviewer for Computing Reviews

Le invito a utilizar y encontrará muy buena información. 
Puede pedir una clave de evaluación y contratar el servicio

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