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Internet segura 2015

Le comparto la información recibida el 2015/01/16.

"Many thanks for contacting us via the Safer Internet Day supporter registration form. I note that you would be interested in forming a SID Committee in Ecuador…. 

In summary, countries outside of the Insafe network (27 of the EU member states plus Iceland, Norway, Russia and Serbia) wishing to participate in Safer Internet Day are invited to set up a Safer Internet Day Committee, which should be backed by the support of at least one public authority or government organisation. The committee should involve leading actors in the online safety arena (such as NGOs, industry, researchers), but there can only be one SID committee per country. Approved committees are then granted access to create a profile on the Safer Internet Day website in order to promote their activities and events supporting safe internet use.

Further information is provided in the attached document.
At this stage, all we need is a letter of support for you coordinating the SID Committee from at least one public authority or government organisation. Once we have that, we can rapidly set up a profile page for you on the Safer Internet Day site, and you can start using the campaign collateral available at http://www.saferinternetday.org/web/guest/sid-2015 to support your local campaign.

It would also be good to now what organisations you plan to work with on your SID planning, and we can maybe put you in touch with other SID committees so you can benefit from their experience.

We recognise however that we are now very close to SID 2015, and that it is likely that you will start small for this year and build on your plans for future years…. that is fine… at this point a point of contact alone is of great value to us.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Sarah on behalf of the Safer Internet Day Team"

Continuamos con el trámite para que nos creen el perfil oficial del Comité SID y poder trabajar con otras organizaciones.

Desarrollamos, desde hace algunos años en la Facultad el proyecto para apoyar Internet segura en el País,  como un proyecto de vinculación con la sociedad de la Facultad,  participan Docentes y alumnos, puede revisar información en http://uce-ing-informatica.blogspot.com/p/internet-segura.html,

En nuestro blog, las publicaciones realizadas con la etiqueta Internet Segura son:




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